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As a Trusted Business Advisor We Assist Your Company In Reaching Its True Impact by Having More Money to Invest

Leverage the power of effective accounting that helps organizations like yours stands out against its competitors, increase its profitability, grow its bottom line and reduce its taxability. 

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We work with nonprofits and business organizations, big and small.

Rolanda S. McDuffie, CPA is a full-service CPA firm that provides a comprehensive range of services. To serve our clients effectively and economically, our CPAs and accounting professionals use tailored solutions. We assist organizations of all sizes with outsourced accounting and business advisory services.


Accounting Services

Tax Prep & Planning

Business Advisory

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Our CPA Firm Can Help...

We are here to save you from the stress of worrying about the IRS compliance and so much more. We believe that providing fast and accurate financial information to our clients is a commitment that cannot be compromised. Financial records that are meaningful and well-organized ensure that your business operations run more smoothly on a daily basis. Our company offers a comprehensive range of accounting services, including:

  • To get a handle on your finances to so you can keep more of your money.

  • Increase your profits.

  • To stop stressing over your IRS obligations. 

You deserve a business that helps you live life you deserve. We can help you...

  • We are here to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling in control of your business finances. 

What would you do with less stress, more money and stress-free time? Let's see how we can assist you and your business. Our expertise covers a broad range of industry areas and has been developed by serving organizations of all sizes.

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Client Testimonials...

We've assisted clients in various industries and levels of service.

"I have been a small business owner and bi-vocational for many decades while living in two different states. Finding a CPA who is willing to give me the time and quality I need yet understand my cost efficiency needs Yeah! has been time consuming to say the least. But just as important to me has been the listening, explaining and comfortability the CPA offers. Ms. McDuffie and I hit it off immediately with her presenting all of the qualities I search for. I am looking forward to a long-term relationship as I launch this new business venture."

Stephen C.

"If you need a complete, accurate, knowledgeable, on time and reliable job, contact Rolanda S. McDuffie, CPA. For three years she has been filling my taxes in a very professional way. I recommend her personalized and affordable service.”

Sophia M.

"I enjoyed a thorough, detailed analysis of my business with Ms. McDuffie today! She was very transparent, thoughtful and her consultation was spot on. She provided knowledge and options for my business to succeed as a new business and could relate to my concerns genuinely. Ms. McDuffie was intentional with her questions to help me understand different strategies and she paid great attention to the information that I provided to do so. Ms. McDuffie has given me the confidence I need to start my new business successfully! Her services were cost-effective, convenient and she was very resourceful. THANK YOU for your time and for providing such a valuable consultation.."

Krystal H.

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